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RSG Life Solutions!                

Life Insurance You Don't Have To Die To Use                                                  


From mortgage protection to small business succession planning, the low cost and guaranteed death benefits for a specified period of time provided by term life insurance have proven invaluable in securing the financial futures of your clients and their families.  Traditional term plans are designed to provide security in the event of premature death.  But what if your client suffers a heart attack or serious illness that does not result in death?  What about financial assistance during critical or chronic illnesses?


We at RSG LifeSolutions have recently added an exciting new line of life products to our product portfolio that feature NO COST Accelerated Benefit Riders that pay valuable benefits should your client suffer from a qualifying illness or condition.  Benefits are available for critical illness (i.e., heart attack, stroke, and cancer), chronic illness (need assistance with 2 of 6 ADL's) as well as terminal illness.  Plus, these riders are fully convertible to a permanent policy for 24 months!


You can make their term coverage a complete package by adding a Disability Income Rider that will pay up to 5 years of benefits.  After all, what good is their life insurance if they are disabled and can't pay the premiums?


We continue to look for innovative products and ideas that set you apart from the competition.  Differentiation is critical to your success!  Contact us today for additional information, quotes and sales materials. 


Call (800). 527.1155 Extension 187- Brian Moebs