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Current Rates


1 Year Term

2 Year Term

3 Year Term




5 Year APY*

8 Year APY*

10 Year APY*





Rate change effective Oct  1, 2010.  Our tax Deferred annuities can put more in YOUR pocket.

*A current APY (Annual Percentage Yield) means that Western Catholic Union currently pays this APY only for the period the annuity is subject to a withdrawal charge. This APY is not guaranteed and can fluctuate up or down during the withdrawal charge period. If you purchase a long term annuity( 5 years or more)  from Western Catholic Union it will have a minimum guaranteed interest rate of 3%. This means even if the current APY decreases during the withdrawal charge period, the guaranteed interest rate, not the current APY, for your annuity will never drop below the 3% stated in the certificate during the term of the annuity.




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