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Sentinel Life Torch 

 Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company  




To:  Retirement Solutions Grp


Ref: B000006335   


Re:  TPA Update


Dear Valued Business Partner:


Over the past two months we have worked hard to improve our customer service and reduce the time it takes to process an application.  Our goal is to be the industry leader and we are making progress!  As of January 31, 2011 we are processing 83% of our Medicare Supplement applications in 7 days or less and 96% of our Medicare Supplement applications in 14 days or less.  We believe we are at industry standards already but we want to be better.   


We hope you have noticed our improved service!   


As we continue to review and improve on our procedures, we have identified a few small things you can do on your end to help us process applications even faster.  Focusing on these small details on your end will reduce the amount of follow-up work needed, help us process applications even faster and give you more time to meet with customers. Following is a short list of suggestions that will help us help you:  


·         Complete and legible applications will be processed much faster.  Please double check your applications for completeness prior to submitting.  Following is a list of common missing information:


1.      The applicant's date of birth;

2.      The applicants Social Security Number;

3.      Medicare Health Insurance card (HIC) number;

4.      Medicare Part A and B effective dates;

5.      Agent producer number; and

6.      Signatures. 


·         Only fax an application when the initial and ongoing payment is going to be a monthly bank draft.  Please do not mail the original of an application that has been previously been faxed;


·         Quarterly, semiannual, or annual payment options must be submitted with a live check for the full modal paymentselected (except in CA where only 1 month is collected) and should be mailed.  Please do not fax these applications; 


·         Please send in only one application per fax. Please include the agent's name, producer # and telephone number on the fax cover sheet;


·         If submitting additional or previously missing information, please write Attn. Pending on the fax cover sheet, the policy number and applicant's name and list the items you are submitting;


·         Please note that whenever an application is a Guarantee Issue, a Notice of Creditable Coverage letter must accompany the application;


·         All forms (including the ACH form) need to be signed and dated;


·         Please be sure to indicate the quoted premium where applicable;


·         Please include the completed Agent Certification form, the Medical    Release form  (except for Open Enrollment or Guarantee Issue situations) and the Replacement Letter (when applicable); and


·         Please review your Underwriting Guidelines document for further help and instructions regarding application submissions. You can refer to the Sentinel website for more The first time log in is your 10-digit agent number (beginning with an uppercase letter) and the password is the last 4 digits of your Tax ID # or your Social Security number. For example if your agent number is M000012345, that is your login and the password would be the last 4 digits of your Tax ID # or your Social Security number.


We have also enhanced the supply requisition ordering form process. This new form replaces the existing form and provides a 1-stop-shop for all supplies.  Although the old form will still be accepted, use of the old form may result in delays in the order fulfillment process as it will provide a more accurate way for us to fill orders.   You can use the form to keep up on the current listing of approved states and products as it will be updated regularly to reflect any changes.  The form is available on our website.


We appreciate the opportunity to share with you some ideas to help us help you!  Please be assured that we are committed to providing the best customer service possible.  Please contact me if you have suggestions as to how we might serve you better. 



Sentinel Security Life